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Building a successful online business and brand is complicated. ePlay knows the challenges you face on a daily basis. There are countless strategies to choose from and pitfalls to avoid.

ePlay is here to make your life Easy, Exciting and Empowering. Everything was built to make sure you reach your goals, get there faster, and have fun at the same time.

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Choose the earnings plan that is best for you and the way you think about your business. Both plans are the highest eanings plan in the industry to make sure you yield the most revenue possible!


80% of all Tokens +
10% of all Referral

You earn 80% of all the Tokens you receive (based on the purchased price). On top of that, you also earn 10% of all the money spent on ePlay by the people you referred, making this plan the highest revshare in history. We guarantee you will be paid the most and will be successful!


$0.07 per Token +
$1.00 per Referral

You earn $0.07 for each token you receive, every time. it's an easy way to make sure you know exactly what you'll get, and more $ than the other sites :) Plus, you'll earn $1.00 for every person you introduce to ePlay that creates a free account (Premium Geos only). It's a great way to quickly profit from you audience and outreach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. You can engage with your audience in multiple ways on ePlay. You’re able to live stream for tips & gifts, sell pictures & videos, play games, maintain a subscription-based premium fan club, and chat via fan-paid private messaging. All while receive 80% of the revenue your channel earns!

2. Refer new fans to join ePlay! When someone you recommend joins ePlay as a fan, you’ll earn 10% of everything they spend whether it’s on your channel or not.
You’ll receive 80% of the revenue your channel earns (from tips, games, private messaging, fan clubs, selling pictures and videos, etc). That means 80% of the amount charged when dollars ($USD) are used, or 80% of the price paid for the tokens, when tokens are used. Fans typically pay about $0.09 for each token.

-or- (you decide)

You’ll receive $0.07 per token your channel earns (from tips, games, selling pictures and videos, etc). When selling something priced in dollar ($USD) terms, like fan club subscriptions or private messages, you’ll receive 80% of the amount paid by the fan.
The key to successful online community is working with the best people, like you, and we know that a long-term vision is the only way to get there.

We need to make sure you are successful and love connecting with your audience here for years to come. That’s why we share every dollar possible with you. We have over 20 years of history, building successful tech products and websites in the industry and have the full support of Streamate to make sure ePlay is a huge success.
Most fans pay $0.09 per token, but ePlay big spenders get a small discount to reward them! Which also gets them spending even more on your channel. Win win situation for all.

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